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Dialectical Behavior Therapy


DBT is a proven psychotherapy treatment, DBT has been shown in multiple scientific studies to reduce substance use in people with complex mental health issues. DBT teaches patients how to manage disturbing emotions, remain calm and mindful, and adopt effective interpersonal skills to solve problems in their lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  

CBT helps our patients cope with strong cravings and learn to correct faulty, negative thinking – also known as cognitive distortions. CBT is well-established as an effective, research-based intervention for drug and alcohol addiction. According to multiple studies, the effects of CBT are durable, enabling patients to reap the benefits long after they complete treatment.



Motivational Interviewing


MI a non-confrontational, goal-oriented intervention that helps clients overcome ambivalence to change. Since it was first introduced in the 1980s, more than 200 clinical trials have generally supported the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing. This counseling approach invites patients to examine the benefits of change and call on their innate abilities and resources to achieve recovery.

Family Therapy


We understand that having a strong support network increases the chances of long-term recovery. At Ultimate Treatment Center we invite loved ones to participate – with your permission – in family education and counseling programs.

Group Therapy


In a group of 7-12, you're able to share and learn from others going through similar experiences. Studies have shown that group therapy can be an effective treatment choice for stress and trauma. It allows patients to receive encouragement and support from other members of the group.

Reality Therapy

A therapeutic approach that focuses on problem-solving and making better choices in order to achieve specific goals. Reality therapy is focused on the here and now rather than the past.

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